Finding Inspiration For Your Wedding Design

Every bride wants her wedding to be an unforgettable day. You want it to be a magical time, and as well as an event that will make your guests weep with joy. All of this is great, but it can be hard to know how to pull together your fantasy wedding. Here are some tips on how to find inspiration for your dream wedding.

Maybe you are like Monica on Friends, and have been keeping a wedding notebook for years, with clippings of your favorite dresses, cakes, and flowers. If this sounds like you, then you are a lucky girl – all you have to do is pull out your notebook and start making phone calls. Most brides, however, go into planning a wedding with much vaguer ideas. They might have a few words that come to mind, like simple, elegant, formal, or regal, but they are not quite sure how to transform a general notion into an actual wedding.

This is where those magazine clippings can come in handy. Go to the newsstand, and flip through a bunch of bridal magazines. You will quickly see that there is a magazine out there for every type of bride: high-end, budget, celebrity weddings, simple weddings, and of course, Martha Stewart weddings. Pick up the ones that strike your fancy, get out your scissors, and start clipping out pictures. Before long, you will notice that a pattern develops: “Aha! I am falling in love with picture after picture of pink peonies.”, or lace dresses, or castle weddings, or whatever it may be. All of a sudden, you will find your vague idea starting to take form into something more solid. Your clippings will also be very useful when it comes time to shop for a gown, meet with the florist, and so on.

The internet is also a terrific place to get inspiration for your wedding design. All of those magazines will also have websites that you can check out. In addition, there are plenty of other websites, featuring everything you could ever want for your wedding, from gowns to bridesmaid gifts to song ideas and tips on writing vows. Many of the sites will allow you to mark your favorite ideas for future reference. Many brides also find it helpful to use one of the social bookmarking sites to organize their clippings from different sites. You can bookmark links for your favorite flowers, bridesmaid gifts, flower girl dresses, and everything else all in one convenient place. It also makes it really easy to share ideas with your mother or bridesmaids.

Inspiration for your wedding doesn’t have to come specifically from a wedding themed source. You may find yourself inspired by a favorite movie or book. Travel is another terrific source for a wedding design. If you and your fiance met while studying abroad in Paris, then how could you have anything other than a French themed wedding, complete with croissants? Perhaps you are planning to honeymoon in Italy – how about a wedding inspired by the colors and flavors of Tuscany?

Anything can serve as a potential inspiration for your wedding design. It is simply a matter of keeping an open mind, because great ideas can come from any source. When you choose a design scheme or theme that really means something to you, you will find that the dream wedding you have always imagined will soon take shape.

Why Do We Need a Wedding Designer?

“The key question isn’t, ‘What fosters creativity?’ But it is, ‘Why isn’t everyone creative?'”

– Abraham Maslow

The wedding/event designer, once a luxury reserved for only the wealthy and elite, has become a necessity in today’s world. Planning and orchestrating a successful event can require the coordination of numerous details. A wedding designer can provide services in various capacities, from concierge to coordinator. It’s important to learn as much as you can when you are looking into hiring a wedding designer for your event. How does one person manage to stay on top of the myriad decisions that must be made?

Often the biggest challenge will be to keep yourself focused as you bringing your thoughts and ideas to a particular venue. You have to adopt your vision to a location without losing it. Designing an event or a wedding takes much more time and effort than planning it. Planning an event is like a production of the show, whereas the venue is a stage, the bride is a director and your designer a producer. A good wedding/event designer will help you to express your vision. Begin with inspiration, ideas and dreams! He will help you to generate an overall concept, conceptualize a style and communicate this to your guests. He should be able to find a way to create a wedding uniquely your own.

What makes an event to be a success? I think the “WOW” factor, the feeling of joy that people will feel when they remember the party later. Your wedding/event designer should create a unique atmosphere to ensure that your guests would truly enjoy the memorable moment of your life. When you design a wedding you are surrounding your guests with a part of who you are. It would be a challenge for a wedding designer to read your mind, sometimes as we say get into your head to understand what are the most important aspects, that matter to you. He has to help you to express yourself and what you are aiming for.

Usually at the first meeting with your wedding/designer, you should discuss an ultimate concept or theme, including color and mood. You have to be as original as you can and design something that you are comfortable with. You have to pinpoint what do words like romantic, chic or elegant mean to you. You will be surprised how differently each one of us defines them.

Style is adaptable; it can be anything for anyone. Signature elements of your own wedding design have been overlooked in the pass, some of the elements like ambiance lighting in reception area will add enormous visual impact, adding scent will tickle your guests’ senses and using texture in your floral decor and table setting will leave fabulous and breathtaking effect.

A good wedding designer also should maximize any budget and make the most out of the couples’ valuable time and hard-earned money. He should be there to ensure proper setup and breakdown of each decorative element. Any wedding and event presents a challenge and it will turn out to be successful when you will love the result and your guests will never forget it.