Modern Damask Wedding Design

Damask used to be the domain of elderly ladies, but it has undergone a transformation recently. It has become a hot new trend for weddings, but done in a bold and modern fashion, a far cry from the damask of old. These are some ideas on how to incorporate damask into an elegant wedding design.

The damask that is so in vogue for weddings is oversized and graphic, often done in boldly contrasting colors or light and bright tones. Black and white is one of the most striking color palettes; espresso with a pale color is another popular version. For a more subtle contrast, pair two colors that are more closely related in depth, such as lime and turquoise. The vivid colors will make the damask pattern pop and add a touch of whimsy to an otherwise formal design.

A great place to start with a special wedding design is the invitations. They set the tone for the entire affair, and this makes invitations the perfect way to give your guests a preview of your wedding style. A large damask print will add an elegant and modern feeling to your wedding. A print in a faded palette can be used as the underlayment for lettering printed on translucent vellum paper. Tie the layers together with a luxurious satin ribbon.

A bold damask pattern can make fabulous bridesmaid dresses. Too much of a large print can be overwhelming, so it is best to choose a knee length dress when using a big design. A navy and white damask dress would look especially fetching. The crisp contrast between the two colors looks wonderful. Finish it off with custom wedding jewelry for each bridesmaid, such as strands of white pearls with navy crystal accents. For a harmonious look, the bride can have her wedding jewelry custom made with the same gems.

A big place to highlight your wedding motif is the wedding cake. No longer a mere dessert, the cake has become one of the central design elements of the wedding reception. A damask print executed in perfectly smooth fondant makes for a very chic and of-the-moment cake. It is perfect for a formal wedding. If your style is a little more relaxed, a large scale damask looks great done in fondant in bright colors like the lime and turquoise. Add a touch of whimsy by alternating damask layers with layers decorated in vertical stripes. Instead of a traditional cake topper, an oval disc with a monogram can be set onto the side of the cake.

Damask was traditionally used for tablecloths and napkins, and it can be at your wedding as well. The difference is that old-fashioned damask linens were usually done in a medium scale in a tone-on-tone color. What sets modern damask apart is that it is done on a much larger scale with contrasting colors. (It is also usually printed, instead of being woven into the fabric like traditional damask.) The bold pattern looks chic and stylish on high small tables for the cocktail hour. You can also order special damask linens for your dinner tables; just be sure that the rest of your d├ęcor is strong enough to hold its own with such a powerful print done in a large quantity.

When used in a contemporary manner, damask is both elegant and stylish. It has the power to elevate a wedding design to a higher level. If you are looking for a print that is timeless and yet very current, damask is the perfect choice.

Planning For Wedding Designs

Planning for wedding designs can make any head spin. This task is never easy since there are lots of things you will need to take into account to make your wedding look uniform and pleasing. There are numbers of wedding designs that would be always present when planning a wedding.

The first part of your wedding details where designs are a must are wedding invitations. Wedding invitations will obviously require great designs in order for them to look good and presentable to the guests. Remember, the invitations are the very first things that will give your guests an impression about your wedding day. Invitations that were designed beautifully can make a good impression to your prospective guests, thus appreciating the special day of your life. Additionally, achieving impressive invitations is through making them suitable with the theme and motif of your wedding.

Another detail that needs to be worked with proper designing are wedding outfits. Obviously, you will need to choose your own wedding gown as well as outfits for your attendants carefully, with matching designs that fit your wedding colors. The same thing will also goes with groom’s and the rest of his groomsmen’ suits. However, although everything has to be uniformed, but the bride and groom should wear their specific wedding attires for them to be distinguished from their attendants.

Your reception venue and other reception details should be designed matching as well. Choose matching decors to enhance the look of the reception venue as well as table utensils and other accessories needed in your reception. By doing so, you will be able to properly design and show off the kind of theme you want to be reflected in your wedding day.

A matching design is also needed when it comes to your wedding favors. Choose party favors that have designs that fit to your wedding theme. Remember, wedding favors are memorabilia of your big day, and you want it to be really memorable by choosing most perfect for the kind of wedding you have. Thank your wedding guests and make them always reminded about your wedding by giving impressive favors before ending the celebration.

If you have other wedding designing needs, you can also contact a professional designer who specializes on wedding. Hiring one can make things easier for you, and can grant your wish of having your dream wedding come true. But if you happen to be on a quite tight budget, you can always browse the Internet to see so many tips and ideas when it comes to wedding designs. You can also find so many online stores that carry lots of wedding supplies and accessories you will need, from wedding outfits, wedding invitations, decorations, wedding favors, gifts to etc., you are sure to find the best wedding essentials suits your wedding theme. Just make sure to plan in advance and take enough time to research and shop, for it would really be worth of your time and effort. Doing so will definitely make you experience the best day of you life!