Traditional Irish Weddings – Tips For Creating Your Own Irish and Celtic Wedding Design

Feeling connected to your culture? Nothing compares to the celebration of heritage that can be found at a traditional Irish wedding. An authentic Irish wedding ceremony blends beautiful symbolism and art into a romantic tapestry inspired by centuries of history and tradition. Learning the stories behind these traditions, where they began, and what they mean to us today, is part of what makes Irish traditional weddings so personal and so special. Where did the Claddagh ring come from? Why do Celtic knots look that way? What is the significance of the shamrock? We’ve compiled a bit of background as well as some key tips and ideas for adding these and other elements to an Irish Celtic wedding design of your very own!

Is Your Traditional Irish Wedding “Irish” Enough?

  • Most modern weddings already draw from Irish and Celtic tradition, so don’t worry that your own wedding isn’t Irish enough. Instead, use your ceremony as an opportunity to educate your guests!

Looking forward to the bouquet toss or relaxing on your honeymoon? You can thank the Irish and the Celts for both! Most brides don’t realize it, but many of the most popular features of the modern wedding are direct descendents of Irish and Celtic culture.

By working a little history of some popular traditions into your ceremony, you can easily give your guests a Celtic experience that is as fun and romantic as it is informative. The back of your wedding programs, for instance, is a great place to explain the origins of your favorite traditions or the meaning of the symbols your guests may encounter at your celebration. There are literally hundreds of stories, and researching them can be some of the most fun you’ll have planning your wedding.

Use Celtic Knots for Your Wedding Rings and in Your Theme

  • Celtic knots are a universal symbol for eternity that have come to define Celtic culture and the look of Irish weddings.

Celtic knots are one of the most ancient styles of art still practiced today. Incredibly intricate and mathematically precise, these designs have been perfected over the centuries and can be used as the main visual element of your Celtic wedding design.

But what do they mean? A great deal of debate surrounds the exact significance of these braids and what they meant to early Celtic artists. No complete record explaining the “language” of Celtic knots has ever been found, but research suggests the Celts were first inspired by the elaborate root systems of oak trees. The Celts believed trees were natural symbols of eternity, and there is strong evidence that the endlessly repeating patterns in Celtic knots were intended in part to represent the infinite cycles of the natural world.

In spite of the mysteries surrounding Celtic knots, few will dispute their stunning beauty and their ability to capture the imagination. The connection between the endless weaves of these knots and the unbreakable bonds of love is immediately recognizable, and Celtic knots are rightfully one of the most versatile decorative symbols of an Irish wedding.

Experience the Love, Loyalty, and Friendship of the Claddagh Ring

  • The Claddagh ring is ancient symbol that represents the three qualities of any successful marriage.

You may have seen them on the fingers of young brides or in movies and television — the Claddagh ring is a centuries old design that has recently made a comeback among women and even some men as a symbol of Irish pride and heritage. Named after a small fishing village in Ireland, the Claddagh ring features a circle that ends in two hands clasping a heart topped with a padded crown.

Each of the three parts of the Claddagh ring has a specific meaning that has made it a favorite addition to the modern Irish wedding ceremony. The hands represent friendship, the heart of course represents love, and the crown represents loyalty. The traditional expression associated with the Claddagh ring explains it simply, “With my two hands I give you my heart, and crown it with my loyalty.” The combination of these elements is also considered by many to be a metaphor for the Catholic Trinity, while the circular nature of the ring itself, like the Celtic knot, is also said to be an expression of infinity.

  • Claddagh designs can be used for more than just wedding rings and look beautiful on a variety of wedding accessories.

While Claddagh wedding rings are becoming increasingly common, they can be worn by unmarried women and are a popular standalone fashion. Claddagh rings can also be used in other parts of your wedding and often make appearances on unity candles, embroidered onto ring pillows (a particularly nice use for the design), and even wedding cake toppers.

  • The myths surrounding the origins of the Claddagh ring are full of adventure, magic, epic romance, and make for great stories to tell at your wedding.

The exact origins of the Claddagh ring are shrouded in legend; though elements from the design such as the clasped hands have been traced clear back to the Roman Empire. The look of the Claddagh ring as it is known today dates to the 1600s, but Irish folklore has at times credited a fisherman, a prince, and even a magical eagle as the original artist.

Our favorite story of the ring’s origin is also the most romantic and is likely partially true. A fisherman named Richard Joyce was attacked and captured by Algerian pirates near the West Indies and sold into slavery in Tangiers. A slave to a goldsmith for over 14 years, Joyce is said to have designed the ring as a promise that he would one day return to the love he left behind in Ireland. Joyce was eventually freed; he went back to Ireland with his ring, married his sweetheart, and became a successful goldsmith in his own right.

Use Shamrock Accents for an Immediate Irish Flourish

  • Shamrocks don’t just “look” Irish, they are also connected to Celtic knots and Claddagh rings in meaning.

Shamrocks are by far the most widely recognized emblems of all things Irish and are, of course, an indelible part of St. Patrick’s Day. No Irish wedding ceremony would be complete without a nod to them, but the deeper significance of the shamrock and its relationship to other Irish symbols is perfect for tying your wedding theme together.

Just as with the three parts of the Claddagh ring, the three leaves of the shamrock is also an important symbol of the Holy Trinity. According to legend, St. Patrick himself used the shamrock in his travels to explain the concept the Trinity to converts across Ireland. Even more, the trefoil shape of the shamrock is also found over and over again in many Celtic knots.

The accuracy of the St. Patrick story is debatable, but don’t expect the shamrock to disappear from Irish culture anytime soon. They are the ultimate natural symbol of what it means to be Irish and are a simple blend of all the stories, faith, and timelessness of Irish heritage.

  • Use shamrocks as a natural complement to the other symbols of your wedding.

The decorative potential of shamrocks is essentially endless and you can feature them anywhere from your wedding gown to your table confetti. We especially like seeing them used in centerpieces and bridal bouquets, but what’s best to keep in mind is that Celtic knots, Claddagh rings, and shamrocks can all be used interchangeably and their special meanings complement one another. Find a balance that feels right for you, and your Irish wedding will be as authentic as you want it to be.

Irish Traditional Weddings Are a Way to Tell Your Story

The best part of Irish traditional weddings is there’s always more to explore, learn, and discover! Irish and Celtic culture is a deep well that can be drawn from again and again when planning your wedding, and now you have all the basics you need to get started. So, go ahead and lose yourself in the stories and the artwork for awhile — you’ll find that the true magic of Ireland is in its stories and ultimately in your heart!

Why Do We Need a Wedding Designer?

- Abraham Maslow

The wedding/event designer, once a luxury reserved for only the wealthy and elite, has become a necessity in today’s world. Planning and orchestrating a successful event can require the coordination of numerous details. A wedding designer can provide services in various capacities, from concierge to coordinator. It’s important to learn as much as you can when you are looking into hiring a wedding designer for your event. How does one person manage to stay on top of the myriad decisions that must be made?

Often the biggest challenge will be to keep yourself focused as you bringing your thoughts and ideas to a particular venue. You have to adopt your vision to a location without losing it. Designing an event or a wedding takes much more time and effort than planning it. Planning an event is like a production of the show, whereas the venue is a stage, the bride is a director and your designer a producer. A good wedding/event designer will help you to express your vision. Begin with inspiration, ideas and dreams! He will help you to generate an overall concept, conceptualize a style and communicate this to your guests. He should be able to find a way to create a wedding uniquely your own.

What makes an event to be a success? I think the “WOW” factor, the feeling of joy that people will feel when they remember the party later. Your wedding/event designer should create a unique atmosphere to ensure that your guests would truly enjoy the memorable moment of your life. When you design a wedding you are surrounding your guests with a part of who you are. It would be a challenge for a wedding designer to read your mind, sometimes as we say get into your head to understand what are the most important aspects, that matter to you. He has to help you to express yourself and what you are aiming for.

Usually at the first meeting with your wedding/designer, you should discuss an ultimate concept or theme, including color and mood. You have to be as original as you can and design something that you are comfortable with. You have to pinpoint what do words like romantic, chic or elegant mean to you. You will be surprised how differently each one of us defines them.

Style is adaptable; it can be anything for anyone. Signature elements of your own wedding design have been overlooked in the pass, some of the elements like ambiance lighting in reception area will add enormous visual impact, adding scent will tickle your guests’ senses and using texture in your floral decor and table setting will leave fabulous and breathtaking effect.

A good wedding designer also should maximize any budget and make the most out of the couples’ valuable time and hard-earned money. He should be there to ensure proper setup and breakdown of each decorative element. Any wedding and event presents a challenge and it will turn out to be successful when you will love the result and your guests will never forget it.

Michael Heifez is an award winning floral designer and owner of a full service event design and production firm specialized in wedding flowers, room decor, drapery, intelligent and L.E.D. lighting, rentals, custom props and more. Wedding Maker has been in business for more than a decade, producing over a hundred large events yearly and recognized by top wedding venues in NJ and NY.